Cloud Computing Part 1: What is Cloud ?

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You are currently reading this blog on your mobile or Computer and possibly playing some music with chrome in background as well as whatsapp. In background application steam is running and the best you can do with your computer is to play games like GTAV or Call of Duty. That are the limits of your computer .

Your computer

  • 1TB HDD
  • i5 7th generation
  • 2GB graphics card

If any one ask you to store data of 1Billion people in your computer, That’s not possible!

It takes around 10-20 Peta Bytes for the same.

Question: So what you should do?

Answer: Remote server.

But. The limitation server is that they only allow you to read/write data.Their speed is slow for some mass calculation and processing.

With today’s processing requirements its not possible to rely on a small server in your garage or in a server room what you need is a big system and that system is CLOUD!

What is a CLOUD?

Cloud computing is described as a global network of servers each with a unique function. They aren’t present at one place but instead their network is spread across the globe. Which are connected together to operate as a single system.

HOW They are USED?

  • Cloud computer store or manage data.
  • Run Applications.
  • Store content such as images and videos and allow streaming.
  • Webmail
  • Run software
  • Social media
  • and many more…

In other words cloud computers are used to run computer/Web applications that are present at some other place. You hire them to perform tedious task for your organization remotely.

Different Types of service offered by cloud computers.

Cloud computing environment is based on service models which can be categorized as follow.

1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

1. Infrastructure as a Service

It is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualised computing resources over the internet.

You must have heard about the virtual machines. They are software that runs operating system virtually. Iaas service model uses the same concept. The users of IaaS can log into their Iaas platform to create virtual machines install OS connect each other Via LAN.

2. Platform as a service

Unlike IaaS where the user has an upper hand to install virtual machines and supporting drivers software to run their application. Which means they have to control the OS as well as the application(Frontend +Backend) in Platform as a Service PaaS the Cloud Service provides the networks servers storage and OS as well as database and other supporting software . PaaS users only have to develop their Application, Run it and Deploy it.

3.Software as a Service

This service models has the OS and the software, the users have to only use the software provided by the cloud service provider. These are basically management software ,social media , Database management system ,office software etc.

This blog covers what is cloud computing and its types. In next part we will read about different types of deployement models and uses.

Thank you

Stay tuned 🙂

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