Cloud Computing Part 3:Features

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Now that you have learned about cloud basics and cloud architecture , in the previous parts

part 1 and part 2 let’s learn about features of cloud computing.

There are many features of a cloud, following are some:


It is the process of adding or removing any kind of cloud services as per requirements.

There are many types of scaling such as

1.1 Vertical Scaling

Vertical Scaling is the process of moving to a large resources. For example a website or application running on 4-cpu virtual machine is redeployed to a 8-cpu or 16-cpu virtual machine.

1.2 Horizontal Scaling

It is the process of adding more instances to a system or an application. For example. A SaaS vendor when there is user load adds instances and when the traffic is low removes them.

1.3 Auto Scaling

Scaling that is performed automatically is called auto scaling. It is usually done using an API.

1.4 Global Scaling

Scaling a service to run in different locations. For example if there is a website that serves you videos if the video is at a far data center. Global scaling can provide the user video from a data center that is close to them.

2. Load Balancing

Cloud load balancing is the process of distributing workloads and resources in an cloud computing environment.

For example

Your website suddenly picks up more users than you imagined. If you are using a share hosting or private hosting your website may go down and it will cost you nothing but loss. In terms of both financial and popularity.

In load balancing , the excess traffic is distributed on demand.

3.Resource Pooling

It means that the cloud provider pulled some resources to serve multiple users. The resources are assigned and re-assigned on the demand of user/customer.

4.On demand Self Service

The cloud provider monitors the server regularly. With this feature the user can also monitor the server on basis of speed,traffic, cpu etc.

5. Easy maintenance

There is no server in the world which requires maintenance even google and facebook sometimes go down due to maintenance and you must have observed they go down for few minutes or they never go down. This is due to cloud services. Whenever the server needs maintenance its traffic is re allocated to another server. Regular updates in cloud makes cloud more compatible.

5. large Network Access

With only help of internet and a device running it, from any corner of the world you can access cloud service, upload or download data with just few click apart. Not only that but it has more speed than regular old-school download system.

6.Automatic System

The main reason why people choose cloud is because it requires less human input. If there is any kind of requirement the system automatically alerts you. Gives you feedback on daily basis so that your work becomes much more easier.


Who doesn’t care about money? When shifting to a cloud you only have to do a one time investment and later watch your graphs go up and up for profits. Your daily expenses are cut short and you are charged more only when you have more services or traffic.


The best feature of cloud is that it is the most secure system over the internet. Even when hacked or any natural disaster cloud creates backup of your data so whatever happens your data never gets lost.

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